Maths & Science Solutions was founded by John Bransby for improved teaching and learning,  so that learners can fulfill their potential, by accessing the faculty and tertiary institution of their choice!

The tutorials on this website cater for:
Grade 8 – 12 Maths and Grade 8 – 12 Science and include chapters per Grade  e.g. “Quadratic equations” for Grade 10 Maths or the full Grade 12 CAPS Curriculum e.g. “Grade 12 Physical Sciences”.

N.B. Bulk School Coupon orders for FREE to learners & teachers during Lock-down!

Bulk School Orders enable Principals and Teachers to order 300 (or more) coupons for FREE during lock-down and the school then distributes the coupons to learners.   With the coupon learners access to a full years’ Maths and/or Science online tutorials.  The learner accesses & uses their ordered tutorials in ‘Your order here’ above.  Tutorials ideal for use on mobiles, tablets or computers.  Learners should ask their teachers to place a bulk order for all the Maths & Science learners at their school!
Order specific tutorials or order the complete Grade Special where you will receive all the chapters for the specific Grade in one bundle.                                 Your bulk school coupon will enable you to do this.

Tutorials consist of slides, videos, exercises and a quiz. Learning is now much more enjoyable and interesting!  Once 80% is achieved, the learner earns their certificate for the successful completion of the assignment and should thus move on to the next one.

These tutorials are brilliant for daily classroom teaching with a mask!

N.B. SACE Type 1 CPD points (5) for Teachers

By successfully completing (and scoring above 80%) for the quiz, teachers may also print out their certificate and claim their SACE CPD points at the end of the year!  What a bonus!

These tutorials have proven to be the best way to teach & learn  new concepts and thousands of learners & teachers have benefited from the daily use of these tutorials in class & at home!

John Bransby

I achieved 100% for Maths and 95% for Science in Grade 12 after using the materials from the website. I was excited to find your materials and they have helped me achieve my goal. Using a small tablet, I studied Maths & Science daily. I will now study electrical engineering at Wits university. Thank you sir!

Gift Langa, Katlehong

Science was the first subject I ever worked hard at and did well at. It helped me to clean up my life and realize that I can achieve my dreams through hard work and dedication. My marks went from 61% to 82% because of your material. Thank you, Maths and Science Marketing!

Johnny Friedman, Cape Town

I have found the information very informative, and I enjoy how it is summarized, not overloading with information. The annotated videos are also helpful, as it strongly reinforces the information provided.

Justin Myerson, Cape Town

With the help of the resources I have achieved 71% in my final Matric exams from 55% in the June exams. The resources are comprehensive and easy to use. They cover curriculum content well and have helped me achieve my goals. I am truly grateful!

Zanele Mangena, Johannesburg

After using this website my Maths marks have improved from 75% to 88% and has made me more confident in this subject. When I am older I want to do Actuarial Science which is why I will continue using this website for grade 11 and matric. Thank you for making Maths more exciting and fun!

Sonwabile Sati, Port Elizabeth

John is an experienced, creative science teacher who has been the Principal of Theodor Herzl, a top academic private school in Port Elizabeth and he has also been the National JMB Matric Physics Examiner for South Africa. He has written, edited and published exciting and interactive Maths & Science teaching and learning materials and his concept will enable learners to gain access to top class teaching and learning materials.

Helen Zille (ex Premiere of the Western Cape)

I met with John in 2009 and was very impressed with his materials, methodology and his understanding of the complexities of Maths and Science Education in SA. Since then, by including numerous simulations and video clips into his materials, he has taken his work to the next level. His website will enable Maths and Science learners in SA, easy access (via their digital devices) to these materials – put together by Maths and Science teacher specialists – all experts in their fields!

Jonathan Jansen (ex Vice Chancellor – University of the Free State)