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Computer Lab


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If teachers successfully complete the assignment (with 80%) they can download their completion certificate and it will count towards their Type 1 SACE, CPD (5points) for the year!

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Order 400 or more coupons, and you will receive your  coupons within 36 hours.  The unique, school – related coupons now distributed to each learner.   This is a 99% discount for Bulk School Ordering!
400 coupons cost R 1 200.00
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Value of FREE teaching materials for 10 teachers:  R 70 000!
Each coupon may only be used twice and should be used within 8 weeks of purchase! Learners use coupon to order their Grade  Maths and Science Tutorials  for FREE!  They access their order in ‘Your order here’ on the front page of the website!  These orders can be accessed at school, at home or anywhere – on mobiles, tablets or laptops!  Amazing for daily teaching by you in your classroom & for daily learning by learners at home or anywhere!

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