1. How and where do I find the tutorial I have just ordered?

Having placed your order, go to ‘Your order here on the top menu bar of our site and you will find your order there.  You use the materials and do the assignments online, on the website, at all times.

2. Is this Online website Zero Rated for Data usage?

Yes, absolutely!  However, you do need to be able to connect to the site.  This means that you need some data to get onto the site, but it costs you nothing to use the site daily! 

3. Will tutorials be useful/helpful for IEB learners?

Yes.  The PDF slides, video clips and assignment all pertain to both South African Curriculums (IEB and CAPS).

4. Can I download my certificate for successfully completing the assignment with a mark of 60%?

No.  The assignment should be repeated until you have achieved 80% or more. Then you may download and print your certificate for the successful completion of the tutorial.

Teachers who do the tutorial(s) may also download their certificate and claim their SACE CPD Type 1 (5 points) towards your annual accumulation.

5. Can I get summarized notes of  the Curriculum, from which to learn and study for tests and exams?

Yes.  The last lesson prior to the assignment contains all the PDF slides used in the chapter and can be downloaded as a PDF doc and can also be printed as your notes on the particular tutorial, thus meaning that you don’t need to make your own notes – we provide them for you.  What a bonus!

6. Can these tutorials help me to achieve above 70% in exams?

Yes of course! You will need to access  and use the tutorials daily. However, you will also need to do a number of past exam papers as well, to ensure that you practice the concepts you have learnt.

7. Do you get instant feedback on completion of the assignment?

Yes.  Your marks are available immediately, together with the answers to each question.

8. Are the tutorials cheaper than live, group tutorials?

Yes of course – much cheaper!  Group, live tutorials can cost from R 100 – R 250 per hour in these subjects!  If you buy Special tutorials from our site, they will cost you between R 5 – R 16 per hour.  However, if you and your school are making use of our  bulk coupon order facility, it will only cost you less than R 0.04 per hour – what a bonus!  

9. What are the advantages of these tutorials over group tutorials?

Cheaper, done at home (or anywhere), any time and as often as you like on your own hardware – until you fully understand each section properly.

10Are the Tutorials CAPS aligned?

Yes – absolutely!  Using the site and materials daily will ensure good marks!

11. Can my exam marks improve by more than 10%?

Yes, of course.  They can improve by up to 50% – provided you work on the tutorials on a daily basis.

12. Can these tutorials be used by the teacher for classroom teaching?

Yes, absolutely.  Our tutorials make for excellent teaching materials by using a computer and a data projector in the classroom and they are excellent for teaching large groups of learners!